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Before we go ahead with how to calculate CPM in digital platforms that you run, let us try and understand what CPM actually means and how it affects the overall functioning of the digital platform in consideration.

What is CPM

CPM is also called the cost per thousand or cost per mille. When there are thousand impressions on one digital platform, there is a cost attached to the same. If a publisher or a website owner charges around $3 USD for one thousand impressions on the webpage, the calculation will proceed that way. It is one of the most commonly used website pricing parameters in the current digital world. Every website or web page is associated with a price tag and every person can eventually have an estimate of how exactly the pricing needs to be. The earnings of any website are eventually a factor of the so called ‘impressions’. The number of visits there will be of any particular website, the more they will be earning. There are many other ways of pricing and there can be something of CPR, CPC and many more. It all depends on the publisher of what they want to use and how to increase the earnings.

To explain what CPM means in the digital world, it is important to start from the basics, here are some terminologies that will be of utmost importance going forward.

Impressions: The number of accounts that could see the advertisement is known as the impressions. The number of impressions differs from the page views and also the CPM is completely dependent on the impressions and not page views.

Page views: The actual number of accounts that clicked the advertisement and viewed the content is called page view. The page view is again different from accounts that registered or enrolled to whatever is being sold out to the audience.

So even when there is no business happening when people just view the advertisement (impressions) there is an immense exposure that the website is getting. There is a price to the exposure and there are different cost tags to different terminologies explained above. So, to dissect in the marketing world, the cost attached to all the accounts that could even just view your website. According to the digital marketing team, there is one thing called ‘brand awareness’ or ‘promoting the brand image’ and the CPM is what it denotes. The thousand accounts that could see your brand have now an idea of what your website does, which is a win-win situation. Now getting to the depth of what CPM does to your earning as well as your reach is important.

Why calculating CPM is important

It’s a way to create brand awareness, agreed. But why it is important is still bugging question. To begin with, the brand awareness can only be made when people actually truly know and understand what you do. You surely do have different account or websites on different media portals like Facebook, Instagram, website altogether and the likes. It is important to know which media vehicle is garnering the maximum CPM so that you get to focus mainly on this media vehicle. In the current world, digital marketing is not just limited to the website portals, but also to other social networking sites like the ones mentioned above.

To know the media purchase decisions- When you put your account or website up for selling, you need to know the net worth of the website that it would be garnering. You will be able to know the amount and the net worth only when you exactly get through the CPM stage.

To know how you can better the reach- Cheap marketing can seem like an idea but eventually, it is not. Cheap marketing hacks will never get enough of you and you will never be able to get through the audience that you wish. It is only possible when you put across some monetary investments that you shall get through the reach issues.

Global advertising- The reach analytics will also give you an idea of how you are investing and where. The global reach should be reflected clearly in the reports. The website should not be limited to any one particular place or a country, but should go across the globe.

The effectiveness and the results of your investments show up as CPM clearly. If there is a good score of CPM, you would know your earnings on an average instantly. Now, moving forward; it is important to know how you can calculate the CPM.

Are you thinking of calculating the CPM manually or by sitting down with your partner and then analyzing? Well, let us burst your bubble and tell you that it is not that simple calculating something of this sort. There are many CPM calculators available online and you would be able to get through one of the calculators online which will eventually show you the exact or almost approximating of the one that you would be getting out of the account of website.

Why trust the online CPM calculators

As mentioned above, sitting down and manually analyzing anything at this point of digitization is something which is just not affordable. One silly mistake while doing so may even cost you an entire year of holding back the website. As mentioned above, it is important that you know the exact amount you would be garnering out of the website or the accounts that you run. It is important that you know the precise or even accurate CPM out there if you wish to play along this game for years. Here is why you should trust the CPM online calculators.

They know the exact tools and analytics needed to understand the depth of the CPM calculation. They know the market trends, the value of the website and the media handle and everything gets exactly aligned. That is the reason why we Google up everything in the current generation too, right?

Save on time- You can save up on time by a substantial amount. We are amidst the conversation about digital marketing and digital world, how justified would that be to not trust the digital world? The best thing out there is to understand that these tools do the work in certain clicks than us sitting down and manually going through data.

Apple to apple comparison: Apple to apple comparison is now needed and essential in the digital world. You need to know what the other platforms are charging and how much are you paying. The return on investments would always be a certain idea that you should be catering to. Average CPM advertising cost is something you should be aware of, of the other platforms that are there. Like what Instagram charges would be different to what Google charges and you should know the difference.

The CPM on different social media platforms

The average CPM is different for different social media platforms, as discussed above. Here’s an insight of what different platforms are now earning up for the thousand impressions we are talking about:

Facebook: $7 per 1000 impressions.

Facebook is still in demand, nevertheless, of the fact that there are different other platforms that have risen up after FB. It still manages to top up the list of the available social platforms to market your web page with a decent amount.

YouTube: $9 per 1000 impressions.

YouTube videos are still the running trend because of the ease with which they run now. You can easily search for anything and learn everything in detailed on this site. The CPM is the most here on YouTube.

Instagram: $8 per impressions.

Instagram is a fast moving and growing site now. You can easily reach out globally with your web page or blog.

Pinterest: $30 per 1000 impressions

Pinterest is the greatest platform right now, trending the maximum out there for their social platforms. You can get the maximum returns on the investments.

Insights on what are CPC, CPM and CPA

CPC: Cost per Click is the amount tagged with the click of any account that goes through the advert. The CPM is just with the views, while the CPC is with the click and the investigation on the website later. It is important in the niche market.

CPA: Cost per acquisition. Every time another publisher acquires your web page, you can get money by the CPA. This is the rate at which the publishers buy your web page and get posted.

CPM: As mentioned in the content above, the CPM is nothing but the amount associated with the impressions of 1000 on the web page.

When should CPC be in question and not CPM

When your page is getting enough credibility, reach and you can earn up amount for every 1000 impressions, you can trust the CPM score. If your web page is not getting enough reach and content out there on the digital platform, CPC should work. Here, you will be paid for every click out there and not for the 1000 impressions. So, this way you are putting yourself to more money earnings and then can sit down making ways for your page to reach even higher.

When you search for any website or keywords on Google, you get certain websites as suggestions and every time you click one website link, the publisher earns up amount. That way, it is easily understandable how much money they make just by the clicks people give.

There are many ways by which you can earn up amount from the definitions mentioned above. You can invest some amount and time on the web page orb log you are writing or posting and wait for the returns to turn up.

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